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My Father's Daughter

We sometimes allow our circumstances to hinder us from moving forward and achieving our goals in life. Sometimes we lack the confidence and the faith to go forth and try new things. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy by accepting defeat before we even begin to fight.

There were so many things that had happened to Cynthia that could have prevented her from moving forward. She could have given up, but she kept on fighting and moving forward. She did not allow her past hurt and disappointments to paralyze her and keep her from pursuing her dreams. She had a close relationship with her Father and He looked after her and He always reminded her of who she really was. She wasn't the failure that the world was trying to tell her that she was; she was a phoenix that was fighting to rise from the ashes that were all around her.

All of the rejection and broken relationships that she had endured had left scars on her heart. She had been molested as a young child, and she buried her pain because it was too great for her to deal with. She learned valuable lessons from the things that she experienced in her life, and she grew stronger and wiser. She began to realize that her Father had poured some gifts in her, and she knew that she was destined to do something important with her life. She knew that she had been bruised by some of the bad things that had happened to her, but she was not broken. There was a fire that burned on the inside of her that drove her to want to accomplish more and more. Cynthia struggled to feed the fire even though it seemed that she could never satisfy it. She fought her way out of the lowest valleys, always striving to reach the mountaintop, and her Father was always right there with her. She found peace in His presence through prayer. She learned a lot of lessons in her life, but the most valuable thing that she discovered was that she was her Father's daughter.

My Father's Daughter

  • Publisher: Covenant Books (October 11, 2020)

    Language: English

    Paperback: ‏180 pages

    ISBN-10: ‏1644689332

    ISBN-13: ‏ 978-1644689332

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